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Floatation tanks for 1 or 2 people

We have 2 floatation tanks for 1 person: the Spirit tank and the i-sopod
For couples and friends wishing to float together, we have our specially-designed giant float room

Less than 12 hours before making a booking? Please call us on 31310436 or write an email to

Spirit Tank – 60 min. float

In the spirit tank you’ll get the feeling of having a bit more wiggle room since the corners are squared and the tank is a bit taller than the i-sopod. It’s a great choice if you are a bit claustrophobic. You have the opportunity of connecting your own device via minijack.

600 kr.

I-sopod – 60 min. float

The i-sopod is one of the newer models on the float tank market, which is why it also looks somewhat futuristic. It is a “pod” so the internal volume is smaller, although the length is the same as the Spirit tank. It has different light settings and you have the option of listening to your own music in here as well (via bluetooth).

600 kr.

If you dream of a float with more space than usual, try our giant floatroom!

Upgrade your regular float to our new custom-made float room. It was designed for 2 people, but you are also welcome to book it all for yourself. It measures 240 × 220 (a lot larger than a king-size bed) and we are pretty sure it’s the biggest one in Europe! There is a starlight ceiling and underwater light, and the possibility of listening to your own music via bluetooth.

1200 kr. 

Bring a friend, but float in 2 separate tanks


We get it! You’re good friends, but you’re not ready to share a tank. It’s great to go floating with another person, but sometimes it’s best to float alone and share your experiences after. If you are stressed or anxious or simply need some alone time, you will get more out of having your own tank.

Do what’s best for your body and mind. 

1200 kr.

How about a massage with that float?

A kombi consists of a 60-minute massage and a 60-minute float.

If you are interested in a true wellness experience, this is the ultimate choice!

In order to choose the perfect kombi for your needs, please call or write to us, and together we will find out which treatment and therapist will suit you best.

1 pers. kombi 1000 kr. 

2 pers. kombi 2000kr



Our experienced therapists are trained in a wide range of massage treatments. Please read about our treatments and therapists before booking a time. We don’t have a massage menu because each treatment is tailored to your specific needs each time you visit us. If you are in doubt, get in touch and we will help you to find the right therapist.  

Treatment Packages

The more you float the more you save! If you buy 10 floats or massages, you can share it with your favourite people. You will receive a voucher code by email that can be used to book treatments via the website.  

3 x 60 min. float

3 x 60 min. float

5 x 60 min. float

5 x 60 min. float
2000 kr.

10 x 60 min. float

10 x 60 min. float
3700 kr.

5 x 60 min. massage

5 x 60 min. massage
2600 kr.

10 x 60 min. massage

10 x 60 min. massage

4500 kr.


The 4 float/month membership can be shared with others

1 float per month

1 x 60 min. float
min. 4 months
450 kr.

2 floats per month

2 x 60 min. float

min. 4 months

750 kr.

4 floats per month

4 x 60 min. float

min. 4 months

1400 kr.