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Company Benefits

We are a floating and massage space located in the center of Copenhagen just across from Torvehallerne. We give companies a great chance to offer employee benefits that saves the employee over 50% on floating and massage. This partnership does not cost the company anything. 

We have already helped hundreds of employees across Copenhagen by making it easier for employees to take care of their staff through regular floating and massage. 

Please fill in your details below and we will reach out to you to discuss the possibilities for your company. 

    Proven benefits of floating

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    Stress & wellbeing

    Mental sundhed

    Productivity & creativity

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    Body & relaxation

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    New to floating?

    No worries! You can try an intro float for just 350kr, before deciding how many klips you would like to purchase this time round. 

    There are countless benefits of floating.  Whether you are stressed out, have a presentation to prepare for or just need an hour to yourself – floating is for you!



    Absolutely love my experience at Cph Float

    Absolutely love my experience at Cph Float. I’ve already floated twice and have bought gift cards for my friends — definitely, coming back to make it as part of my wellness routine. Apart from the float itself, I’ve only been met with excellent hospitality by everybody who works there. Chatted with one of the owners too and I could definitely sense the dedication. Awesome people, makes you feel at home.

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    Anjelli Requintina
    via Google

    I would definitely do it again

    This place was recommended by a friend. I was a bit hesitant at first but glad I gave it a try! Floating helped my mind and body relax. I tried isopod and 2-person float room – both were unique and amazing. To be honest, I have never seen any spa as cozy as Copenhagen float. Also, the staff was very accommodating – especially that I had a lot of questions on my first visit. The experience as a whole is great and I would definitely do it again. 🙂

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    Jeepee Marie Rasmussen
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    Great Experience

    Great experience. I came out of the pod with a sense of deep inner peace, my body and breath were more at ease than ever before. The hour in the pod gave me a much-needed break, where I reflected on all the emotions and ideas I don’t usually have the time for. Came out energized and at peace. The facilities were nice and cozy, and the staff was very professional and welcoming.

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    Søren Steensig Jakobsen
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    Use floating to prevent or recover from stress

    • 33% of all absence amongst Danish workers is due to conditions of the working environment itself 
    • Studies show that 12% of the Danish population have symptoms of severe stress every day!
    • It costs DKK 300,000 to replace a sick employee without academic education and DKK 500,000 for an employee with academic education.


    Source: Stress Forening


    Clinical research

    You can explore published research and more information on floating below.

    For an overview of recent studies: www.clinicalfloatation.com 
    For a comprehensive list of clinical studies : https://floatclinic.com/research.html