Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is your 1., 2. or 20. float you might have some questions and we are more than happy to provide you with answers. Scroll down to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. In case you don't find a solution here you are always welcome to call us on +45 3131 0436 or send an email to ​

  • Our staff will keep a safe distance as well as wearing face masks or visors, which you must also do when you arrive (unless of course you are exempt)
  • We are subject to the same restrictions as restaurants, and you must therefore wear a face mask or visor when you stand up/walk around.
  • When sitting down or alone in the float compartments, you can take the mask off again.
  • If you have ordered a massage, you can take off your mask as soon as you lie on your stomach. If you are lying on your back, put on your mask back on again.
  • It is a requirement from the authorities that you bring a valid corona passport. The same rules apply here as when using a mouthpiece and visor, which we are aware of.
  • Disinfection is available in all rooms.
  • Surfaces, buttons, handles etc. in and outside the float tanks as well as in the baths are thoroughly cleaned between each float session.
  • Our entire space is “spritted” down several times a day
    • In terms of floating; the several hundred kg of epsom salt in the float tanks create an environment in which bacteria and viruses cannot survive.
    • The water in the float tanks is constantly purified, and between each float session the water is filtered in a particle filter and a UV chamber.
    • When movement is created in the water (which both you and our pump take care of), the cleaning agents in the water are activated.
    • The cleaning products are not harmful to you and your body, but only keep the water clean.

When you arrive at Copenhagen Float our receptionist will be there to welcome you. Step-by-step we will guide you through your treatment in order for you to have the best experience.

Your float begins with a tour of your float space, instructions to the shower, tank and preparations.

You start out by putting in ear plugs, then proceed to take a shower – washing your hair a body throughly. And now it is time to step into the tank and lie down on your back – here you can play around with the different items to make you feel most at ease such as the float halo and neck pillow. You are in control of the light and decide for yourself when to turn it off.

You will feel how the saline water keeps you floating effortlessly – the water is 30 cm deep and filled with 450 kg of Epsom salt. 

During the first 10 min of your float we will play calm, ambient music to ease you into the experience. When your session is coming to an end, this same music will gently remind you, that it is time to get back to the real world – starting with a nice shower.

When you get back out in the lounge, your float master will have some snacks, tea and water prepared for you. You are also very welcome to use our groom room where you will find hair dryers, brushes, and loads of nourishing skin care products.

If you are using contact lenses it is a good idea to bring a case for these as it is not possible to wear them in the tank due to the saline environment.

Otherwise we will provide you with all the things you need; towels, ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, make-up remover etc.

Also, you do not need to bring a bathing suit – we recommend you float naked. Though in case you feel more comfortable floating in your bathing suit, please bring it along 🙂 

If possible, it is a good idea to avoid caffeine before your float – this will help your body relax.

Another thing to avoid doing before floating is waxing or shaving your face and body, since the saline environment in the tanks might irritate the skin when freshly waxed or shaved.

It is a good idea to eat a bit before your float so that you don’t get hungry during your session.

  • Just shaved or had a waxing treatment
  • Have an infectious decease
  • Have experienced diarrhea within the past two weeks
  • Just got a new tattoo less than 4 week ago
  • Have had chemo therapy within the past two months
  • Have a kidney decease
  • Have very low blood pressure
  • Have a sunburn
  • Dyed your hair within the past two weeks
  • Are pregnant and has been advised by your doctor not to float
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Have cuts, gashes or severe eczema

We have several tanks, which are all spacious. 
If you are thoughtful about feeling claustrophobic in there you could benefit from upgrading to our float room which can easily fit two people and has high ceilings. 

No matter which tank you choose, the doors are never locked and you are in control of turning on and off the lights.

After every float the water is rinsed for about 20 minutes. It is rinsed through an ultra fine mechanical filtre – 50 micron – and radiated through a UV-C chamber. Every night before we close, 0,2 litres of hydrogenperoxide (19%) is poured in the tanks in order to maintain the highest hygienic level possible free of any kind of bacteria. Shelley will take you through the whole process here.

It is perfectly normal to fall asleep in a floating tank. The worst thing that could happen is that you get a bit of salt water in your eyes, which you can wipe off with the cloth provided for this exact purpose inside the tanks.

Also, it is not possible for your head to float underwater at any time due to the high salt concentration in the water.

In fact, research shows that sleeping in a float tank is more soothing than sleeping in a normal bed. Among other things, it can benefit people who suffer from sleep deprivation or generally just wants to improve their sleeping patterns.

Yes, if you would like to float for more than 60 min. just give us a call and we will make it happen 🙂

Yes – in our custom made floatroom you have the possibility of floating two people at the time. Though in the i-sopod and spirit tank, you are only able to float alone.

You are in total control of getting in and out of the tank. If you feel the need to step out before the end of your treatment, you are of course welcome to do so.

If this is your first time in a floating tank, we recommend using earplugs. It prevents the salt from settling in your ear. In addition, it is also possible that the salt crystallizes inside the ear if not rinsed out properly after. However, there are some experienced floaters who choose not to use them. In case you choose not to use earplugs, just make sure to rinse your ears well afterwards 🙂

We recommend you wait until at least 4 weeks after getting a tattoo. It can be painful to float if your tattoo hasn’t healed and also, the saline water can have a bleaching effect on the ink.

No, you will have to wait for at least two weeks. If there are no residual color when you shower, you can float after having your hair dyed. 

If you have difficulty walking or lifting your legs a little high, it is a good idea to bring someone who can assist you when getting in and out of our tanks, as well as walking down the stairs to our studio, which is located in a basement with approx. 7 steps down.

Spirit tank

  • Our Spirit tank is designed by Resting Well Sweden
  • It is 260 cm X 165 cm X 127 cm
  • The tank is filled with 450 kg Epsom salt MgSO4. This gives the water a carrying capacity in line with the Dead Sea.
  • The water in the tank is 30 cm deep
  • The water solution maintains a constant temperature of approx. 35 C
  • The tank is soundproof and is intended for one person at a time


  • Our i-sopod is designed by i-sopod, which are the market leaders worldwide
  • It measures 260 cm X 170 cm X 130 cm
  • The tank contains 450 kg Epsom salt MgSO4. This gives the water a carrying capacity in line with the Dead Sea.
  • The water in the tank is 30 cm deep
  • The water solution maintains a constant temperature of approx. 35 C
  • The tank is soundproof and is intended for one person at a time


  • It measures 260 cm x 220 cm – a lot bigger than a regular double bed!
  • We have built our double floatroom ourselves with great help from a lot of talented people. So there is no one like it!
  • A room in a room: to give you the very best experience where it is all designed so that the float tank floats inside a small room that is specially built for it. It will be your most undisturbed to date (depending on who you bring, of course 🙂 ).
  • The tank contains more than 700 kg Epsom salt MgSO4. This gives the water a carrying capacity in line with the Dead Sea.
  • The water in the tank is 30 cm deep
  • The water solution maintains a constant temperature of approx. 35 C

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