Body therapy/Kropsterapi

The underlying philosophy of body therapy/kropsterapi is that the body and mind are interconnected and affect one another in various ways. Every Thursday, our body therapist, Ruth Sollitt, is ready to give you an even better understanding of yourself, your mind and your body.

What is body therapy?

The underlying philosophy of body therapy/kropsterapi is that the body and mind are interconnected and affect one another in various ways.

Body therapy is based on recognized techniques; various massage techniques, breathing techniques, acupressure and zone pressure, mobilizing joint releases and possibly talk therapy, which together constitute an effective tool to alleviate the inconveniences that modern man can get when a busy day has to be connected, and both stress and pain in the body can be frequent.

The focus in body therapy is on solving the causes and not just treating the symptoms.  

The treatment begins with an initial conversation where you talk about what you are feeling in your body and mind. After the conversation, Ruth creates an opening of your lymphatic system by relaxing muscle and tendon attachments.

This opening allows the body to get rid of the accumulated waste products, so you get more out of the body therapeutic treatment.

This is followed by massages with a light pulsation then arms and legs.

The treatment is rounded off with a short conversation in which any feelings and experiences that have emerged during the treatment are discussed.

Ruth Sollitt

Ruth Sollitt

Ruth Sollitt is Copenhagen Floats body therapist. She is a graduate of Totum – the School of Body Therapy. Ruth has lots of life experience and is a truly intuitive listener and conversation partner with a set of incredibly knowledgeable hands.

Each treatment is an individual experience focused on you and your needs, where Ruth will ensure the room is a safe space where you can open up and calmly experience the wonders of body therapy.

Make body therapy part of your self-care routine

Through her education, Ruth has gained great insight into the states of the body and how these are reflected in the emotional and mental well-being. In body therapy, the influence of the mind on the body’s signals and vice versa is taken into account. With body therapy, you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself and your body better in ways that will benefit you in the long run.

You now have the opportunity to buy a clip-card (klippekort) for body therapy, and create a loving and evolving routine, where well-being and better knowledge of your body’s signals are paramount. You get 3×60 minutes of treatment for DKK 1,790 (normal price DKK 2,070)

Ruth Sollitt

Ruth Sollitt

Ruth Sollitt er Copenhagen Floats kropsterapeut. Hun er uddannet ved Totum – skolen for Kropsterapi. Ruth har masser af livserfaring og er en virkelig intuitiv lytter og samtale partner med et sæt utrolige kyndige hænder.

Hver behandling er en individuel oplevelse, der er fokuseret på dig og dine behov. Ruth tager altid udgangspunkt i dig, og er rigtig god til at skabe et trygt og rummeligt rum.

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