Our therapists

Our talented therapists offer a wide range of different treatments, tailored to the needs of the individual. Read more about the many types of massage that our therapists offer below.


Jack is blind, and when one sense is diminished, the others are enhanced. Jack can thus feel your pain and aches on a different and deeper level than sighted masseurs will be able to. Jack specializes in joint release and loomi loomi, and as the icing on the cake, he won the 2019 Freestyle Massage at IMA (International Massage Association). Jack’s treatments are for those who want to:


Fernando graduated from Bergqvist Massage & Wellness Education in Sweden in 2020 and has not looked back since – he is a world-class masseur. One of the first things you will experience at your massage with Fernando is his energetic and calm nature, which lulls you to a stage of peace and relaxation.

Fernando has worked as a lifeguard and personal trainer for many years, and therefore has a great understanding of the body – athletic or not.

If you need some of the following, Fernando is the perfect choice:


Niklas is a trained sports masseur and sports therapist. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is also trained in acupuncture, cupping and in-depth relaxation massage. In his spare time, he practices crossfit at a competitive level.

If you are an athlete or for other reasons train hard and intensely, you will e.g. could benefit from combining sports massage and acupuncture, which is possible with Niklas. See his methods in this video. You would get a lot out of booking an appointment with Niklas if you need to:


Marine is a trained health masseuse. During her studies at AT WORK, she has specialised in trigger point- and physiotherapy treatment as well as pregnancy and facial massage. Oh, and yes, she is also in the process of becoming a body therapist. There is a lot of exciting stuff going on with Marine. She truly is a wonderful person who values to make a difference for others. Some of Marines expertices are:


Narakorn is a graduate of Australian Medicine in Queensland. Among others, her specialties are acupressure, in-depth massage and Thai massage. Narakorn’s best advice is to consider massage as a form of therapy, so that for a period at least, you should set time off in your calendar for massages. She recommends everyone to stay as flexible as possible and make sure to stretch no matter what job you have and thus reduce the daily tensions in the body. You can see some of her techniques in this video.

If you would like one or more of the points below, you would really benefit from booking an appointment with Narakorn.

Ruth – Body therapist (Kropsterapeut)

Ruth is our amazing body therapist. She is educated at  Totum – skolen for Kropsterapi, and brings lots of life experience with her. Ruth focuses heavily on creating a space where one can feel seen and safe. She is an incredible therapist and a truly intuitive listener. In body therapy, a pulsating massage is at the centre of the treatment,  calming your nervous system and putting your lymphatic system to work. Breathing, acupressure, reflexology, stretching and conversation are used during a treatment. Body therapy is for you who want to:


Louise is a Gotved-trained Movement educator and masseur. Gotved massage is a dynamic, constructive and relaxing form of massage that contributes to a better physical and mental balance in everyday life.
Louise also specializes in in-depth massage where cupping can be supplemented.

Louise is a sparkling person who brings calm just by her presence and you will benefit greatly from a treatment with Louise if you would like:


Vibeke is a trained shiatsu therapist at Escola de Shiatsu en Movimient, Barcelona and further trained at Movement Shiatsu, School for Experiential Education. Movement Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage technique that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Here, the fingers are used to press on points on the meridian paths known from traditional Chinese medicine, and palms, elbows and knees are used equally in Shiatsu.

The distinctive combination of movement and rotation of joints as well as stretching and contact with tissues and organs strengthens the immune system, balances the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system and the circulation, improves metabolism and increases the vital tone. On an emotional level, shiatsu brings calm and mental clarity. With Vibeke you can achieve the following with her treatments:


Jesper is a trained masseur as well as a personal trainer and sports teacher. His holistic approach to the body and well-being includes exercise, diet and health, with the goal of achieving a long and healthy life. Jesper’s method depends on communication and specification of your needs, as well as an understanding of where you are in the journey of your life.

Jesper radiates joy of life and good energy – you just get more energetic by being in his company! Jesper can do many things, including being helpful in connection with: