Meet the team

Here at Copenhagen Float, we are committed to provide you with the right tools to create greater well-being and achieve more balance in your life. And for that purpose, we have put together a team of the most competent people, working together to create the best setting for our guests. Scroll down and read more about who we are and what we do. If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to us at

Founding Mothers and Management



Shelley is a trained tone master and is completely addicted to floating. She has worked in countries all over the world, and in Shanghai Shelley tried to float for the first time, which (no surprise) was a great success. We can thank her for persuading Boo to settle in Denmark and create Copenhagen Float.



Boo is an experienced massage therapist. She has trained a large part of our team, to ensure our clients get a high and consistent quality no matter which therapist they see. She trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and also; she’s a great cook. Talking to Boo is like getting a huge hug from someone you really like – her energy is incredibly positive and calming.



Katrina is the manager at Copenhagen Float. With her, she brings 4 years of management experience, and runs the daily operations with grace. You will have the pleasure of meeting Katrina at our space, since she too is a float master! She sends out so many good vibes and is always good for a long talk about Mumford & Sons.

Marketing and



Alec is a pro-floater! With Copenhagen Float, Alec helps spreading the word about the benefits of floating and massage. He believes that relaxation and floating can give more perspective and energy to life and is passionate about making this a part of everyday life for many Copenhageners.


Communications and marketing

Meet our in-house marketing and communications manager, Henriette. Aside from sharing all the wonders of Copenhagen Float with the world, she too is a float master with us. So whether you want to partner up with us or chat about your float, the dream of having a dog or knitting, Henriette is your gal!



Michelle studerer Markedsføringsøkonom ved Copenhagen Business School. Hun bruger floating som et frirum og værktøj til at intensivere sin meditation, og hvert eneste float bringer nye oplevelser med dig. Når Michelle holder fri fra praktik og studier, nyder hun at lave adobo eller chicken tikka masala derhjemme.

Massage therapists


Massage therapist

Niklas is a trained sports masseur and therapist. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is also trained in acupuncture, cupping and in-depth relaxation massage. In addition to being very well educated, Niklas is really comfortable to be around, and can make most people laugh as well as  (in a good way) writhe a little in pain when pushing all the right buttons.


Massage therapist​

Marine is a trained health masseuse. During her studies at AT WORK, she has specialised in trigger point- and physiotherapy treatment as well as pregnancy and facial massage. Oh, and yes, she is also in the process of becoming a body therapist. There is a lot of exciting stuff going on with Marine. She truly is a wonderful person who values to make a difference for others.


Massage therapist​


Body therapist​

Ruth is our amazing body therapist. She is educated at Totum – The School of Body Therapy, and brings lots of life experience with her. Ruth focuses heavily on creating a space where one can feel seen and safe. She is an incredible therapist and a truly intuitive listener. 


Massage therapist​

Chiharu is a woman of many talents! She is trained in acupuncture, anma- and shiatsu massage. She has also specialised in other areas such as moxabustion, cupping and oil massage. Chiharu’s hands are very clever and it is an experience in itself to be in them. 


Massage therapist​

Float Masters


Float Master

Jonas is, as you will experience, very welcoming and kind. Jonas is a float-OG himself, and talking to him after a float makes you feel right at home. When he is not to be found on Rømersgade 25, he spends most of his time studying philosophy, especially body and nature philosophy. He enjoys practicing astanga yoga and being in nature.


Float Master

If you walk down the steps at Copenhgaen Float and spot Juliana standing behind the counter, there is nothing to do but smile – Juliana is simply so lovely to be around and will make sure you have the best experience with us. She loves to read and dance in her spare time, and she is a big fan of world history and backpacking. 


Float Master

Gabriella is a natural creative and has a sense for detail in every possible respect. She is very calm and smiling and is always ready for a good chat about your experience with us. With Gabriella you are in very good and caring hands. When Gabriella is not at Copenhagen Float, she is in her workshop in Kødbyen designing jewelery.

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