Pregnancy massage

At Copenhagen Float we offer comfortable and soothing pregnancy massages - relief from achy muscles, increased circulation and reduce inflammation.

If you are further than first trimester, you can combine your pregnancy massage with a float and experience the relief of weightlessness in a calm environment

Pregnancy massage

When you are pregnant, your body is often challenged with both increased stress and hormonal changes. Fluid accumulates in the body and the increased weight can drain you of both energy and precious sleep.

A pregnancy massage is therefore beneficial for you and your baby, because the better you feel, the better your baby will thrive. Your posture will usually change during pregnancy due to the placing of strain on the muscles, why a pregnancy massage can contribute to more positive effects for your body.

A pregnancy massage helps to reduce:

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Customised pregnancy massage in the heart of Copenhagen

At Copenhagen Float we are glad to be able to offer a personal and customised pregnancy massage.

We have many different clients who experience various tensions and challenges in connection with their pregnancy. Your specific challenges will be considered, treated carefully and we will do our best to relieve you in the best possible way.

We use a healthy and nourishing oil exclusively for our pregnant clients, which is be preventive against stretch marks as well as nourishing for your skin.

Aside from providing pain relief and relaxation in the moment, pregnancy massages can contribute to an easier and less painful birth.

It is most beneficial to come for massage more regularly as you get bigger to help alleviate new tension as you grow. 

Specially-designed massage table for pregnancy massage

We have experienced that some women are concerned about putting pressure on their stomach during a pregnancy massage. 

This is NOT a problem with us, as we have a specially designed pregnancy table, where there is room for your stomach and breasts, so you can lie completely relaxed during your massage.

When you book a pregnancy massage, be sure to write us an email at saying, that you want a pregnancy massage so that we are prepared with the right setup.

You do not have to have specific problems to visit us during your pregnancy, you are also welcome to come by for a pure pampering massage! We look forward to seeing you.

Combine your pregnancy massage with a float for ultimate wellbeing and pain relief

With us, you have the opportunity to combine your pregnancy massage with floating, which should contribute to additional relaxation and well-being.

With floating, you lie weightless in our warm and natural salt water.

We use the natural mineral compound, Epsom Salt, which consists of magnesium and sulphate, and it has a number of beneficial properties.

Some of the benefits with magnesium is its effect of helping to prevent stress and getting rid of overproduced adrenaline, that otherwise affects the body in a manner contributing to restlessness.

Weightlessness gives the brain a feeling of a deep relaxed state – and for some a deep sleep. Without the weight from your body weight, the body can relinquish muscle tension, stiffness as well as back and neck problems.

The calm environment of our floatation thoughts, creates a unique opportunity for meditation. As the brain becomes more and more relaxed, your body moves down into the theatrical wave state – also called the dream state.

It is obvious to combine massage for pregnant women with floating, to get the ultimate wellness for both you and your baby in the womb.

Floating is perfectly safe during pregnancy, but if you have any concerns, we recommend that you contact your doctor for advice and guidance before visiting us.

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